JAPANESE NAME OF SAKE: Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu 2020 Vintage
TYPE OF SAKE: Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu
BREWERY: Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute

As with most sake brewed by Noguchi -Toji, NNSI Junmai 2020 Vintage is a Muroka Nama Genshu (unfiltered, unpasteurised, undiluted) and delivers a huge amount. NNSI specialise in aged namazake (nama-jukusei) and, whilst this example retains some nama qualities, the careful in-bottle maturation has resulted in an impactful, intense & well-rounded sake with a sophisticated, full, juicy & ripe palate.

NNSI Junmai 2020 Vintage is brewed to express Ishikawa regionality: rice, water & yeast are all local; the rice being Gohyakumangoku grown in the rice fields immediately surrounding the brewery.

There is rich complexity on the nose: a ripe & juicy fruit salad of pear, mango, grape, lychee & watermelon supported by yogurt, butter, brown sugar & fresh lilies. The palate is medium-intense, dense & velvety with pronounced acidity and deep body with the juicy fruit flavours coming through wonderfully, combining with the acidity and dancing on the tongue.

This matured namazake is a real food sake and delicious lightly chilled or warm at around the 40oC mark, where it mellows and broadens. We recommend oily fish and big, rich dishes to pair with this sake.


  • Water
  • Rice
  • Koji
  • Yeast