S a k e M e n u C o n s u l t a t i o n

We work with restaurants and hotels seeking to shore up their offerings of Japanese sake by providing comprehensive consultancy services; curating sake menu selections that complement the concept and clientele of the establishment; assistance with procuring sake; advising on food pairings; recommending artisanal sake vessels and implements; assisting with installation of sake cellars; training personnel in storage and serving methods, as well as masterclasses focused on sake education & sake tastings.


  • ProjectSake believes that the best way to learn about sake is to drink some. Throughout the year we host sake dinners, Meet the Brewer receptions, tasting seminars and seasonal “new label parties” showcasing the terrific sakes now arriving in India
  • These events are open to the public and provide a great opportunity to learn about sake, meet fellow enthusiasts and of course enjoy delicious labels in peak condition. Every effort is made to deliver maximum enjoyment ratio

Creating the best context in which to store and serve sake at the utmost standards of quality is indispensable to enhancing its value in the outlets at large.