The nose on this high-end unpasteurized sake is an amazing collection of steamed rice, Tokyo Banana Cream, grape, Crème Brûlée, and orange aromas. Are you ready for an Opera in a glass? This one-of-a-kind Nama leaves Junmai Daiginjo sake in its rear view mirror. Smooth, fat, viscous, lush, tingly, and lively this is certainly 3-Dimensional sake. In a word, it has elegant brashness. Perhaps one of the most vast Junmai Daiginjo ever released to the public. Look for fig, pear, green apple, melon, white pepper, and citrus flavors with an umami kick on the first pass. Then wait for the sweet bread, pineapple, banana, and lavender hints to arrive as the fluid warms. This brew was built for a wine glass, because that’s the only vessel capable of containing all of the amazing energy of this sake that speaks to those who crave liquid complexity. This is essentially the liquid equivalent of your favorite song being performed live. WORD: Virtuoso WINE: Huge Reds/Massive Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Champagne fare, sushi, lobster, crab, cheese plates.